Want to see a great film about the origin of a major part of our food supply? Check out King Corn. This documentary begins with a simple proposition: let’s follow the yield from one acre of corn from the farm to our stomach.

The complexities involved are overwhelming and this short film will definitely make you take a second look at the nutrition facts the next time you’re at the supermarket.

While this may not be the most flashy or well-produced documentary on the subject of agriculture and the Standard American Diet (for that, please refer to Food, Inc.), it was interesting and entertaining enough to warrant four stars out of five.

You’ll learn some fun tidbits as well in King Corn, such as the disturbing fact that cattle were never meant to eat a corn-based diet and eventually this would kill them, if they were not slaughtered anyway.

So if you’re looking to learn something about farming and most specifically, the predominance of corn in our diet, check this film out. I’ve posted the trailer below.

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