Michael J. Fox’s latest book titled A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future weighs in at only 112 pages but the message it carries cannot be measured. Fox has a friendly and often witty style of writing that seems both sincere and profound.

This book is geared towards recent college graduates and those who are just getting out there in the “real world,” but honestly his advice can be applied to any situation regardless of age or social status.

Fox covers many of the lessons he’s learned from his early days as a starving artist trying to make it in show business all the way up to his ongoing struggle with Parkinson’s disease. Even though he dropped out of high school at an early age, you can tell that Fox has never stopped learning and it his intelligence shows on every page.

All together, this quick read is highly recommended if you want to save yourself the trouble of learning many hard lessons on your own. At no time is this book boring or dry, and since the lessons are illustrated through personal stories it doesn’t feel like a chore reading it. The main message Fox conveys very effectively is that we don’t just live and learn but rather we live to learn.

If nothing else, this brief glimpse of a life well lived will certainly make you appreciate the small things we take for granted, and it will remind those of us who feel powerless at times just how much power we actually have, which is quite a lot indeed.

Michael J. Fox

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