The Battle for Relevance


Both Google and Facebook offer free services to their users. Google allows you to find what you’re looking for online as efficiently as possible, while Facebook allows you to stay connected with friends wherever you are. What do both of these services have in common? Well, both have no direct cost incurred by users. Neither… [Read More]

Geolocation and Social Media


Just five years ago, some would argue that the best feature search engines had to offer was spell check. Now, among other things, they are able to filter results based on our geographic location at any given moment. We’ve only just begun to realize the potential of these location-based searches, both from a consumer and… [Read More]

The Value of Five Bucks on Fiverr


Just the other day, I heard about this strange new website called Fiverr. Apparently, people would list things they were willing to do for five bucks, such as complete a three-minute voice over, wear your t-shirt for a day, make an intro for your video, draw a cartoon, write a short article and so on…. [Read More]