Hello World!

Wow, you’ve found the very first post on my new blog! Hopefully these pages will be filled with content by the next time you check back, in about five light years. For now, just be happy that the page loads faster than a MySpace profile on a 56k connection.

When you eventually do check this site out again, what can you expect to find here? Well, everything from rants about college life, political discourse, the best practices for search engine optimization/internet marketing/domaining, awesome book reviews, videos about random topics, movie reviews, business profiles and much much more!

Why such a wide range of topics, Nick? Aren’t most blogs just about one or two specific things? To answer your first question: Why not? As for your second question: Yes, but that sounds so boring! Did you know that Thomas Jefferson was not only a founding father and president of the United States, but also a mathematician, surveyor, architect, paleontologist, prosodist (what the heck is that?), lawyer, philosopher, farmer, fiddler and inventor? Obviously there is nothing wrong with being well-rounded and having more than one or two hobbies or interests.

If there is only one thing that you take away from my blog, hopefully it will be that finding your “niche” can happen several times throughout your life. We are curious creatures by design and when we explore the world we’re fascinated by everything that is in it (or at least should be). Blogging need not be a solo task for a solo topic. Let’s interact, let’s share and let’s learn to make every topic fun!

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